What item of jewellery unites Princes and superheroes, It girls and movie stars – it’s not big or flashy and it certainly won’t break the bank – you guessed it – it’s the signet ring.

This traditional piece of jewellery that can trace its origins back to ancient Egypt has recently undergone something of a glow-up! No longer the preserve of royalty and the aristocracy, this status symbol has had a fashion make over and can now be seen gracing the digits of everyone from Harry Styles to Kate Moss.

The allure of today’s signet rings transcends class, gender and style. Whether it’s worn with red trousers and tweed or leather trousers and a ripped T-shirt, the signet ring’s desirability is stronger than ever. This has, in part, been driven by Gen-Z and their prolific use of social media, a quick look at Instagram reveals that #signetring has been used 223,000 times which may seem a lot but pales into insignificance compared to over 35,000,000 on TikTok whilst a simple google search returns over 32,000,000 results.

So if you’re thinking about jumping on this trend but don’t know where to start – here is the Hancocks 101 to choosing your newest fashion accessory.

Pick your shape…

The classic oval is the shape that has consistently proved our most popular design but if you prefer something with a heavier, chunkier look we recommend trying the cushion.

This has a much squarer shaped head but with rounded corners and convex sides. It therefore resembles a cushion in shape – hence the name. Try both on and you’ll know which is more you.

Choose your colour…

Yellow, rose or white – pick your metal colour because you love it or because it suits your skin tone. Yellow and rose will mean choosing gold (all ours is re-cycled) whereas if white is your preference, you will be able to select from silver and platinum too.

What about gemstones…

If you fancy a bold pop of colour in your ring why not pick a hardstone inlay for your engraving. Orange, blue, green or black, we offer a range of options that are all hard wearing and perfectly suited to use in a signet ring. Mixing and matching metal and stone colour allows you to personalise your ring before we even get to the engraving.

What to engrave…

Speaking of which, what do you engrave if you don’t want or haven’t got a traditional family crest? A beautifully designed monogram composed of your initials can look very striking, as can a motto that holds resonance for you from school, university or a club you belong to. Symbols are another good choice for personalising rings, perhaps there is a particular image relating to your profession or hobby that you like or maybe a symbol that represents your Zodiac birth sign. If you like your Chinese zodiac animal you could use that or maybe design something that incorporates both? Taking inspiration from some of the very earliest signet rings, you might decide on a series of symbols that could be used in combination just as hieroglyphics once were.

Whatever you go for, this is one accessory that is sure to be on trend for generations to come.