Whether it's the clothes we wear, our hairstyle, or choice in jewellery, everything openly communicates part of who we are. It’s more than just a surface-level acknowledgement of taste or even our social status. Our style acts as a window into things like culture, tastes in music and film, and much more.

At Hancocks Signet Rings, we firmly believe that every piece of jewellery we produce is another opportunity for you to express yourself with something personal to you. Our master craftsmen have the skills and expertise to personalise your signet ring with the engraving of your choice.

Family Crests and Monogram Engravings –

Throughout history, the crest symbolises something that brings together people into a group, giving them a sense of belonging and a shared identity. Although signet rings had a more individual purpose in society centuries ago, the family crest is a tradition that lives on. People still put a lot of emphasis on their family's origins which is why signet rings with family crests make excellent gifts. You can use our family crest finder tool here.

The crest can apply to a variety of other groups, such as your home town, city, University or collage just to name a few. Engraved collage rings have always been popular and we see more and more requests for these.

It's possible to take the ethos behind the crest design and apply it to a monogram. Sports fans might have their favourite team's initials as a monogram on their signet ring. It’s also a tradition in America for sports players to have signet rings for their team to commemorating their victories. Although crests and monograms seem to have a more customary history, there's no reason why you can't put your own spin on this style.

Using Symbolism for Your Signet Ring Engraving –

If you like the concept of a single design that represents something more significant, then symbolism might be for you. It's an excellent way to depict something you value in a simple and effective way. For example, a dove engraving represents a universal representation of peace. You're taking something that might be epic in size, be it literally or figuratively, and finding a symbol that encompasses it perfectly.

Symbolism works well with jewellery because the message the symbol portrays holds a lot of sentimental value. You might think that using an iconic symbol lacks originality, but we can apply a truism about spoken communication here. It's not always just about what you say, but how you say it.

For this example, let's use the dove symbol again and try and reimagine it as a unique piece of jewellery. By choosing to use an oval stone set style of ring, it's possible to allow the stone's aesthetic to bring your engraving to life. A platinum sardonyx oval set ring, complete with an original dove of peace engraving, would make a stunning signet ring you'll want to wear every day.

Go Your Own Way with a Personal Design –

Personal engravings can serve any number of purposes. A celebration of a life event; a tribute to a loved one who passes away or a memory that you want to keep with you always. No matter how beautiful a signet ring is, adding a personal engraving turns it into something bespoke and extraordinary. It also doesn't need to have a central feature, a tasteful engraving on the inside of the ring might be more suitable for you.

Hancocks has the highest quality of precious metals and stones to choose from. Our Master Craftsmen have the skill and expertise to bring your bespoke engraving concept to life and you'll have something unique that will last a lifetime and beyond.

You can mix and match traditional styles with a contemporary twist, breathing new life into old ideas. A family crest, engraved onto a carnelian oval stone, using an 18-ct rose gold metal would make a stunning piece of jewellery.  The possibilities are endless – it's merely a matter of finding what works for you.

Hancocks – London's Number One for Personalised Engravings –

Hancocks of London is a master jeweller with a worldwide reputation for excellence and craftsmanship. Every ring we make comes with a quality seal of approval of both taste and durability. A Hancocks signet ring is something you'll have for a lifetime. Furthermore, we have signet rings and other pieces to suit every taste and budget.

We are only too happy to discuss any design ideas you have by *appointment. From there, we'll be able to go into more detail about the range of precious metals and styles available. Once we have everything ready, it won't be long until your unique Hancocks, personalised signet ring is ready.

To discuss personalising a signet ring, please contact us today. We have an exquisite range of signet rings to choose from, and the best craftsmen to create your unique vision.