When it comes to signet ring shapes we offer the classics, the Oxford oval and the cushion shape.

Both these shapes have been used for seals and signets since antiquity and whilst there are more contemporary shapes such as marquise and square available, we choose to uphold tradition and offer the classic shapes.

Whilst the shape you decide on is an entirely personal choice, it may help to think about the size of the head you’re wanting when choosing the shape. This is because the cushion shape is a slightly heavier, bolder look and the larger you go the chunkier it will seem. If you’re after a substantial look this will work for you but if not, you will find the oval more pleasing.

The other important thing to consider is what you’re having engraved on the ring. The overall shape of your design, whether it’s a Coat of Arms, a family crest (with or without a motto) or a monogram of entwined initials may well lend itself more aesthetically to one or other ring shape.

Often full Coats of Arms are more suited to the cushion shape whereas family crests and monograms can work better on an oval. If you’re undecided it can be worth getting a mock up of the ring design done so you get a clearer idea of how it’s going to look.

The Oxford oval

The Oxford oval is the shape that has consistently proved our most popular design. We offer it in a wide range of precious metals to suit all tastes and budgets including yellow, rose and white gold as well as in sterling silver and platinum.

18ct yellow gold Oxford oval signet ring

There are four head sizes to choose from which we measure by length and width of the oval edge to edge, these are 10mmx8mm, 12x10mm, 14x12mm and 16x13mm. The size you choose should be proportionate to your hand as well as achieving the overall look you want to create whether that is discreet or attention grabbing!

The Cushion signet ring

The cushion signet ring has a much squarer shaped head but with rounded corners and bowed sides. It therefore resembles a cushion in shape – hence the name – and as mentioned earlier is a slightly heavier look than the oval.

18ct rose gold cushion shaped signet ring

This is available in the same selection of metals as the oval and there are three head sizes to choose from which we measure by length and width of the cushion edge to edge, these are 9mmx8mm, 12x10mm and 13.5x12mm.

Whichever shape you decide on, we’re sure your Hancocks signet ring will be something to treasure now and for generations to come.