Choosing Your Signet Ring Metal

Whether you’re buying a signet ring for yourself, a close family member or friend, choosing the perfect metal is a significant aspect of personalisation. A signet ring, also known as the ‘gentleman’s ring’, has a rich history that spans centuries in the UK. While most people consider the giving or purchasing for important birthdays or events, wearing signet rings is also now a conscientious fashion choice.

Regardless of whether the purchase of your Hancocks signet ring is for a special occasion or personal use, the metal you choose is what makes it more individual. Yellow gold is more of a typical choice for most rings due to its durability. However, for others, silver or platinum are more suited to their tastes. And the range of gold variations will undoubtedly make you want to explore every option.

An Exquisite Range of Precious Metals –

Hancocks has an exquisite range of precious metals available to suit everyone’s taste and style. This is where you can create your personalised signet ring. Starting with your choice of metal through to the design of the ring. And all our signet rings are hand-crafted by expert jewellers.

Yellow Gold – this metal is the more traditional choice for signet rings and other jewellery. Pure gold is too soft to make into a ring, so like other precious metals, yellow gold is a metal alloy.

Rose Gold – also known as ‘pink’ or ‘red’ gold, is a very contemporary precious metal that is becoming increasingly popular. The rosy colour is the result of a copper, yellow gold and platinum alloy.

White Gold – is a mixture of yellow gold, silver and palladium. White gold has a natural brushed silvery-grey colour with yellow undertones. It is also the strongest and heaviest metal we use.

Silver – a lesser-known fact is that silver is produced as a by-product that occurs during the refinement process copper, gold, lead, and zinc. While it is the least valuable of the precious metals, many people prefer its colouring and versatility.

Platinum – this precious metal is the most valuable of the group. It’s almost twice as heavy as fourteen-carat gold, and it doesn’t discolour. Platinum maintains its natural colour throughout its life, making it the perfect choice for a sentimental piece of jewellery. 

Putting the Style into Our Signet Rings –

Now that you have a better understanding of the choices of precious metals available, it’s time to find the correct style for your signet ring. There are three distinct styles of signet ring you can choose from.

Oxford Oval – this style is the most popular and traditional shape for signet rings. The Oxford Oval signet ring is a favourite when buying a gift for significant milestones, such as a twenty-first birthday or an anniversary present. This presents an opportunity to use a family crest emblem for an exceptional piece of jewellery that can pass down through generations.

Cushion – the Cushion signet ring represents the historical importance of this type of jewellery. The Cushion style earns its place in the history books with many noble and well-known Victorians men proudly displaying one. The soft, square shape also lends itself to family crests and other personalised inscriptions.

Oval Stone SetThe Oval Stone Set signet ring combines the use of precious metal and an elegant stone at its centre. The types of stones we offer are tiger’s eye; onyx; sardonyx; lapis lazuli; carnelian, and bloodstone.

Hancocks – London’s Finest Jewellers –

Hancocks has been creating the finest rings and jewellery in London since 1849. Our craftsmanship is renowned throughout the industry as world-leaders in creating unique rings and other items. And we’re one of the leading producers of hand-crafted signet rings in the UK and beyond.

Today, we cater for all budgets and our experts will guide you through the range of signet rings on offer. We have a passion for jewellery and understand that signet rings reflect something that will be worn every day for a lifetime.

Signet rings are an excellent gift for someone’s special life event or occasion. It’s possible to add a family’s crest to the ring, which is a popular custom. This also adds sentimental value if you’re giving it to a close family member.

If you’d like to arrange an appointment or go into more detail about our signet rings, please contact us today. We’re confident that we have the right style and precious metal to create your ideal signet ring.