A Signet Ring is a Perfect Gift for 21st Birthdays

Whilst we would always advocate celebrating every birthday, a 21st birthday is one of the most significant events in our lives.

Rings, pendants, cufflinks and other items of jewellery that can be personalised are the ideal gift for any special occasion. It’s a case of finding the perfect piece for that special person. Understandably, you want to pull out all the stops to commemorate the day properly.

Signet rings are the quintessential present they’ll never forget. Hancocks of London handcraft signet rings which will last a lifetime, providing you with the opportunity to design an exemplary and unique 21st gift.

Gold Signet Rings – the Perfect Gift for a Special 21st Birthday –

Finding the right gift can be tricky, even after you’ve decided that jewellery is the right choice. Where do you begin? The problem is often searching shops and websites for a ring or pendant which already exists, then applying it to someone’s tastes. It’s much easier to think about the person you are celebrating and then personalise a piece of jewellery especially for them, creating from scratch something as unique as they are.

Here are a few ideas of ways to personalise one of our beautiful handcrafted signet rings: 

The first suggestion is an Oxford Oval signet ring, in 18ct rose gold precious metal. This style of ring is the classic shape; a favourite for people who want a family crest engraving. Rose gold is an alloy of copper, yellow gold and platinum which creates its warm rich rosy hued colour.

Cushion signet rings have a squarer shape but with gently rounded sides and corners. Much like the Oxford oval, this has a traditional aesthetic which works well with crests and other emblems but offers a slightly heavier, bolder look. However, there’s always room to update old ideas so why not choose a ring in white gold to give a more modern twist on a classic piece.

Our final gifting suggestion is an Oval Stone Set signet ring using Lapis Lazuli as the stone set within a timeless platinum ring. The deep, almost dreamlike blue colour of the lapis in combination with the natural beauty of the platinum makes for an exceptionally stylish signet ring.

Highly Personalised Gifting with Hancocks of London –

We have a range of precious metals available to suit everyone’s taste and style. In addition to the rose gold, white gold, and platinum metals we mentioned above, you can also use yellow gold or sterling silver for your signet ring.  You also have a choice between nine, fourteen and eighteen-carat gold in each style.

As this is a personal gift to someone close to you, it’s a good idea to do some subtle detective work. Do they have any rings or other pieces of jewellery? Is there a particular colour of precious metal, gem or stone they like? You’ll have to be creative with how you go about this to make sure you don’t give the game away!

At Hancocks, we have expert craftsmen who can personalise each signet ring to match your specific design concept. Whether it’s a simple and tasteful engraving or a unique motif, we have the right expertise to bring your vision to life. We usually suggest a one-on-one meeting to go through personalised ideas, but we can also do this via a video call.

Hancocks – London’s Master Signet Ring Craftsmen –

Hancocks has been creating the most elegant rings and jewellery in London since 1849. Our workshop has decades of experience in these time-honoured traditions and all our signet rings are expertly crafted here in the U.K. Our craftsmanship is renowned throughout the industry and we are world-leaders in creating unique personalised jewels.

Every Hancocks signet ring is ‘seal engraved’ which is a very specific style of engraving whereby the image and lettering is carved very deeply and in reverse. This traditional technique means that when the ring is pressed into softened wax to form a seal, the resulting impression reveals the correct image. All our signet rings are supplied with a boxed wax impression for you to keep which shows you the mirror image of your signet ring engraving.  

A Hancocks signet ring is always of exceptional quality and makes for the ideal 21st birthday gift. By customising the ring, you’ll be able to create something extra special that goes above and beyond putting thought into their present. It’s something they’ll keep for the rest of their lives, a constant reminder of your bond and how special they are to you.

You can now pre-book an appointment to visit our shop to discuss any jewellery design ideas you may have. We’re taking additional health and safety measures and have stringent cleanliness procedures to safeguard both our customers and staff. Please contact us today and we’ll be delighted to arrange your visit.