How to Wear Your Signet Ring

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Signet rings have a rich history that has gone through various changes in tradition and style through the centuries, stretching back almost three millennia. The range of choices now available when customising signet rings makes it possible to show off your individual style and taste. While it’s now just as much a fashion choice as a custom, it still helps to hear some tips for choosing and wearing signet rings.

With this in mind, it’s worth looking back at some of the different ways of wearing signet rings for inspiration. How signet rings are worn often changes from one culture to the next, some of the reasons are similar, but it paints a rich history for this kind of jewellery. To help you decide how you want to wear your Hancocks signet ring, here is some information to read up on.

A Brief History – the Wearing of Signet Rings –

So, let’s address the age-old discussion about what finger is correct for the signet ring. Additionally, we’ll go into some details about the original function of the signet ring, as well as a few examples. The original purpose of the signet ring was more than just a fashion choice or to highlight one’s societal standing. The signet ring, as the name suggests, would have a signifying symbol engraving which nobles would use for identification reasons.

As far as back as Middle Ages, the little finger, or pinkie as it’s widely known, is where the signet ring was worn. Again, this wasn’t for stylistic purpose – it was easier to show the ring for confirmation and authentication, our current equivalent to a signature and the various security questions we recite daily. The signet ring would have a family crest on the face to emboss into wax, creating a wax-seal for royal announcements, legal documents, or to authenticate correspondence.

Wearing a Signet Ring – Which is the Correct Finger?

In the UK, wearing the ring on your little finger is still considered to be traditionally correct. The way this is done is by placing the signet ring on the least dominant hand of the wearer. For example – a right-handed person would wear the signet ring on their left pinkie finger.

Swiss men wear signet rings upon the right finger of their right hand. Conversely, in France, men use the right digit of their left hand. In America, it is quite normal to see people wearing a signet ring on their middle finger and many celebrities and well-known socialites have a preference for this. Furthermore, it’s becoming popular for people in the UK to wear their signet rings on the same finger as their wedding band.

Hancocks – Helping You Choose the Perfect Signet Ring –

Whether you go with a more traditional or personal choice, it’s all about the ring in question. A high-quality ring will stand out, regardless of what finger it’s resting on. And the one thing we guarantee with every signet ring is the superb quality and craftmanship that goes into our jewellery.

Although traditions change, it’s worth weighing up information on how to wear a signet ring. There’s no wrong answer, but we hope that this article is useful as you make your decision. As the signet ring moves further away from its original use, the less likely it is that someone will worry about whether it’s proper to wear it a certain way. The choice is yours.

If you’d like to arrange an appointment or go into more detail about our signet rings, please contact us today. We’re confident that you’ll find the right way to wear your signet ring.