Our MD Guy Burton recently spoke to The Field magazine for their special Coronation Issue on the new wave of signet ring wearers. We are seeing a significant and continued growth in clients commissioning signet rings and “It’s no longer just public schoolboys or the aristocracy,” he says. Whilst King Charles III has rarely been seen without his, which was given to him by his mother our late Queen Elizabeth II soon after his investiture as the Prince of Wales in 1969, these traditional rings are becoming much more than just a statement of lineage, class or status.

The article explores the history of the signet ring, why it seemed to fall out of favour and what is prompting the new wave of love for this ancient style of ring - they date back much further than you may think, find out more here. It also looks at what you can engrave on one should you be thinking of joining the trend which is a topic we covered in an earlier blog post which you can read here. Finally, if you want to find your own family crest, we've made it super easy for you - just click here.