Signet Rings from Hancocks
A selection of our yellow gold, rose gold and white gold signet rings.

According to the World Gold Council, about 75% of the worlds annual gold demand comes from newly mined gold whilst the remaining 25% is recycled gold.  Of this, over 90% comes from recycled jewellery whilst the remaining 10% is extracted from technology.  It is important to remember that recycled gold is of the exact same quality and durability as newly mined gold.  The unwanted gold is melted down and refined using traditional techniques and then combined with other metals (known as alloys) to create the fineness and colour desired.  For our signet rings, we use 9ct, 14ct and 18ct gold fineness and yellow, rose and white coloured gold.

Gold is naturally a rich warm yellow colour and as a precious metal it has been used and revered for millennia, the earliest gold jewellery dates back over two and a half thousand years.  Pure gold is too soft and malleable to be a durable choice for jewellery so by mixing it with other harder alloys we can create a stronger metal.  Of the different carats we use for our signet rings, 18ct gold has the highest amount of pure gold in it at 750 parts per thousand.  This is why you will see 18ct gold hallmarked with the number 750.  14ct gold is 585 parts gold and 9ct gold is 375 parts gold.

The metals used to alloy gold can affect its colour as well, white gold is created by adding white coloured metals such as palladium and silver to the gold to create a warm white colour.  This is usually then plated with rhodium to enhance the bright white finish.

By including copper in the mix of alloys, a soft rosy pink hue is achieved.  Rose gold has become increasing popular recently and it is a universally flattering shade on all skin tones.

Whichever carat and colour you prefer, recycled gold is a sustainable and ethical choice that does not compromise on beauty or durability in any way.  Our recycled gold signet rings will last for generations to come whilst simultaneously playing a part in helping to protect the environment for those same generations to enjoy.